ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management

ICAO Annex 19, Safety Management


During the ICAO High-level Safety Conference 2010 (HLSC/2010), the development of an annex dedicated to safety management was proposed. The benefits identified of this approach included: 

  • Address safety risks proactively;
  • Manage and support strategic regulatory and infrastructure developments;
  • Re-enforce the role played by the State in managing safety at the State level, in coordination with service providers;
  • Stress the concept of overall safety performance in all domains.

Background of Annex 19

In its report to the ICAO Council on the outcomes of HLSC/2010, the Air Navigation Commission recommended that development of the new Annex 19 follow a two-phased approach. The focus of the first phase was to establish the safety management annex through the consolidation and reorganization of existing Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS).

The first edition of Annex 19 became applicable on 14 November 2013. All of the safety management provisions in Annex 19 except those listed below were transferred or duplicated from safety management provisions previously contained in six other Annexes. The new provisions were as follows:

The Annex also replicated Attachment ‘E’ to Annex 14 “Legal Guidance for the Protection of Safety Information from Safety Data” as Attachment ‘B’.

The second phase of the development of Annex 19 was completed with the adoption Amendment 1 to the annex. Amendment 1 was adopted by the ICAO Council on 2 March 2016, effective on 11 July 2016, and applicable on 7 Nov. 2019. The adoption of Amendment 1 resulted in the second edition of Annex 19 being published.

Second Edition

The second edition consolidates in one chapter the provisions related to States' safety management responsibility and integrates the eight critical elements of a State safety oversight system with the SSP framework elements into a streamlined set of SARPs. The new version also provides new and amended SMS SARPS that are intended to facilitate implementation. Amendment 1 also extends the applicability off an SMS to organisations responsible for the type design and manufacture of engines and propellers.

Amendment 1 also provides enhanced protections to safety data and safety information, as well as their sources. The changes enhance legal safeguards intneded to assure the appropriate use and protection of safety information and definitions for safety data and safety information have been developed to provide clarity and facilitate consistent application.

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