ICAO Runway Safety Toolkit

ICAO Runway Safety Toolkit


The ICAO Runway Safety Toolkit is designed to accomplish three major objectives:

  1. Raise the awareness level of all participants in aerodrome movements regarding the dangers that accompany runway incursions;
  2. Identify the most common hazards, and describe why they occur; and
  3. Provide practical solutions and best operating practices that will improve runway safety.

Content of the Toolkit

In order to best accomplish these objectives, the Toolkit is organized by user interest. Some areas, are intended for all users, as is much of the supplemental material. Most of the primary content is presented in functional area sections as follows:

  1. Air Traffic Control
  2. Flight Operations
  3. Aerodromes and Ground Aids
  4. Management Responsibilities

The Air Traffic Control section provides information specific to air and ground controllers responsible for the movement of aircraft. Flight Operations pertains to pilots of all types and sizes of aircraft. The Aerodromes and Ground Aids section is primarily for ground vehicle operators, but is applicable to all aerodrome users. The last category, Management Responsibilities, provides information for those who are in a decision-making capacity above the everyday operational level. Each of these functional areas includes a quiz section that allows users to test their knowledge at the completion of the instruction.

In addition, a great deal of supplemental information is included in the toolkit. A glossary defines terms related to runway safety, and the appendix contains ICAO provisions on runway safety. The References and Links section provides information on runway safety websites and references. The poster section contains sample runway incursion prevention posters that can be downloaded for printing and display. Videos created by various countries that pertain to runway safety are also included there. The Seminar section is a compendium of selected presentations from previous runway safety conferences sponsored by ICAO.

Finally, human factors considerations have been built into the discussions and solutions presented throughout the Toolkit. The emphasis, therefore, will be on human actions rather than technology remedies.

Obtaining the Toolkit

The Toolkit may be downloaded free of charge in a format intended to be burned onto a CD-ROM, from ICAO Runway Safety webpage.

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