Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)

Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC)


A key ancillary reference document specific to aircraft type, published by manufacturers, which describes in comprehensive detail, along with illustrations and part numbers, every component on the aircraft.

Use and relationship with Aircraft Maintenance Manual

The IPC is an essential supplement for users of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), but does not have the equivalent approved status and must be used only as supporting reference with the AMM as authoritative reference in case of any differences.

The IPC is intended for use in identifying parts, and in illustrating assembly relationships while the AMM should be used for the removal and installation of parts of the aircraft.

Many manufacturers offer this information digitally in an electronic parts catalogue (EPC). This can be locally installed software, or a centrally hosted web application. Usually, an EPC enables the user to virtually disassemble the product into its components to identify the required part(s).

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