Industry Day - May 2014

Industry Day - May 2014

SM ICG Holds Fourth 'Industry Day' Outreach Event in Bern

The Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG), a group of 14 aviation regulatory bodies, held its fourth Industry Day with representatives from 27 European aviation industry organizations on May 16, 2014 in Bern, Switzerland. Participant David Lambourne, Specialist Airworthiness Engineer for Rolls Royce PLC, was encouraged by the work of the SM ICG, and said, "We are glad to hear that large authorities agree on interpretation of Safety Management System (SMS) rules and that their application will be fairly consistent among regulators...the work of this group is essential." This event marks the second opportunity for European aviation service providers to hear directly from authorities that are working together and for those authorities to receive feedback on SM ICG products. The full day session, hosted by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) of Switzerland, included eight presentations and an open discussion on Safety Risk Management (SRM) and its application.

The SM ICG was established in 2009 to promote a common understanding of safety management principles and requirements, facilitating their application across the international aviation community. Since its formation, the group has published many products; the newest is The Frontline Manager's Role in SMS, which provides practical guidance to those managers who have great influence on SMS implementation in their organizations. In recent years, the SM ICG has been focusing more on outreach to the greater international aviation community. The inaugural Industry Day event was held in Ottawa, Canada in 2012 and the two subsequent ones were held in The Hague, Netherlands and Seattle, Washington, USA.

Ryan Hunninghaus, Head of Safety Risk Management at FOCA, kicked off the event by acknowledging that both aviation service providers and regulators face challenges in safety management implementation. After opening remarks, Simon Roberts, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) SMS Programme Manager and Chair of European Human Factors Advisory Group, gave an overview of the SM ICG and its work, noting that "[the group] is a valuable asset for advancing the understanding and application of safety management." Seven industry representatives (Rainer Lindau, Lufthansa Technik; David Lambourne, Rolls Royce PLC; Captain Bartolomeo Ferreri, INAER; Captain Martin Timmons, Ryanair; Yvan Boishu, Air France; Captain Kemal Helvacıoğlu, Pegasus Airlines; and Antonio Härry, SR Technics) briefed their experiences with SRM. Industry Day speaker biographies and all presentations are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Industry Day participants discussed SRM implementation in their organizations. Topics included tools for risk analysis and challenge of selecting them, trend monitoring and analysis, integrated management systems, the bow tie methodology and barrier risk management, providing practical training and straight-forward messaging to employees, the financial benefits of SRM, the challenges of managing and analyzing data from multiple sources, and the need for globally acceptable SMS principles.

Rainer Lindau, Vice President Quality and Safety at Lufthansa Technik, found the discussion very useful and summed up the importance of safety management, "For us, SRM implementation is more than meeting a requirement; it's about being successful for our company and our customers." Amer Younossi, Deputy Division Manager, Safety Management and Research Planning Division in the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Safety Organization and current SM ICG Chair, thanked industry participants and concluded, "The SM ICG was formed when industry asked regulators to harmonize. We hope to continue to work together and improve aviation safety across the globe."


Briefing Abstracts and Industry Presenter Biographies

Rainer Lindau

Vice President Quality Management, Lufthansa Technik Sustainable Implementation of Safety Management Abstract: Lufthansa Technik will present an overview of corporate best practices for sustainable Safety Management – implemented by organisation, processes, tools and methods.

Bio: Rainer graduated in Electro- and Device Equipment and also holds a degree in Marketing and Strategy from Boston Business School. He started his professional career back in 1984 as maintenance engineer and successively held positions as Manager Line Maintenance, General Manager, Vice president Technical Operations at Lufthansa, Lufthansa City Line and Lufthansa Technik. In 2009 Rainer took up the position of CEO at Lufthansa Technik Switzerland. Recently he has been chosen as Vice President for Quality Management at Lufthansa Technik.

David Lambourne

Specialist Airworthiness Engineer, Rolls-Royce PLC Safety Risk Management – Challenges in a Multi-Sector Business Abstract: Roll-Royce PLC is not just an aero engine business! As a global organisation, with a diverse range of products in civil aerospace, defense aerospace, Marine and Power Systems, we face a substantial challenge in defining a Safety Management System that is applicable across the whole company.

Bio: David has wide aerospace experience including a Rolls-Royce apprenticeship, holding engine certification, continued airworthiness and company approvals manager roles in the UK CAA and being Managing Director of a small company designing and making aero engines for light aircraft. After re-joining the Rolls-Royce Airworthiness Department in 2006, he was appointed Senior Manager coordinating the Rolls-Royce Production Organisation approval in the UK in 2011. David has recently been appointed as the focal point to work with EASA and UK CAA to develop Safety Management Systems within Rolls-Royce plc. Working as part of the Safety Assurance sub-function, and coordinating Rolls-Royce involvement in CAA and EASA pilot schemes, an important part of this task is to ensure that any SMS activity is applicable, wherever possible, to all parts of Rolls-Royce PLC.

Bartolomeo Ferreri

Captain and Safety Officer, INAER Setup of an Integrated SMS in the Experience of a Helicopter Operator: Tools for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Internal Investigation of Events Abstract: The construction of an SMS of a company within the Group Avincis, at group and single operating company levels. How to combine in a single structured SMS methodology, which is recognized as the best at the international level, implemented in the Avincis SMS framework through a defined set of software platforms, and integrated to satisfy the criteria and requirements of Avincis. Bio: Bartolomeo, INAER Helicopter Pilot with more than 5000 flight hours, operates as Captain in a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) base in day and night operations and mountain search and rescue (SAR) with AW139. He is also rated as Flight Instructor (FI) and Type Rating Instructor (TRI), and authorized as Type Rating Examiner (TRE) within the INAER Approved Training Organisation, as well as Flight Examiner (FE) and Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE) for the Italian National Aviation Authority (NAA) ENAC. Bartolomeo has also extensive working experience as engineer and technical director and therefore has a comprehensive vision of the aeronautical helicopter world from the perspectives of maintenance, airworthiness and operations. Within INAER Aviation Italy he holds the position of Safety Officer and permanent member of the AVINCIS Group Safety Forum. He is also qualified as independent Investigator, a member of the European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) in the European Helicopter Safety Implementation Team (EHSIT) Specialist Team Group SMS and Operation and a member of the Board of the Italian Flight Safety Committee (IFSC).

Yvan Boishu

Flight Safety Risk Manager, Air France SMS and Risk Assessment Automation Bio: Yvan is in charge of the Internal Feedback and Investigation Coordination. After a career in International Hotel Management, Yvan joined Delta Airlines, spending three years in London. He received his ground operations management degree joining Air France during a two-year internal program. Then, he took the Regional Station Manager’s position in Nigeria, also acting as an Airport Organization Committee Manager and became a member of the Nigerian Airport Ministry Committee member for three years. Back in France, he managed the Flight Safety Ground Operations Investigation Department. He decided to get back on the operation field taking the long haul ramp operations management in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Recruited by the Flight Safety Department, he started a year ago that new position within Air France assisting the SMS reliance application development for flight safety, while also helping the development of the Air France Safety Management System.

Captain Martin Timmons

Technical Manager – Safety, Ryanair Ryanair’s Perspective on Effective Safety Risk Management Abstract: Risk Assessment and Communication within Ryanair, including information on the application and interpretation of the Aviation Risk Management Solutions (ARMs) and Bow Tie Methodology. Bio: After completing a Bachelor of Science in University College Dublin, Martin joined the Irish Air Corps where he completed the pilot wings course. During his 12 year career in the Air Corps, he qualified as an instructor in fixed wing aircraft before moving onto helicopters. In helicopter operations he was extensively involved in Search and Rescue Missions of the west coast of Ireland, helicopter pilot conversions and police operations. He joined Ryanair in 2002 as a First Officer and within his career to date in Ryanair, he has held the roles of Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI), TRI, TRE and Line Training Captain. Martin joined the Ryanair Flight Safety Office in 2012 as Technical Manager Safety and in the last month was appointed as the Ryanair Safety Manager. He has over 13,000 hours flying experience and has completed various courses in Risk Assessment Methodology and Compliance oversight.

Captain Kemal Helvacıoğlu

Vice President Safety (SMS)/Quality and Compliance, Pegasus Airlines Risk Based Approach to Management System Abstract: The presentation will focus on establishing the context of risk management in Pegasus Airlines. It will discuss hazard identification using technological methods in order to achieve proactive and predictive levels of SMS. It will also highlight effective technological improvements for risk mitigation. Bio: Kemal began his career in the Turkish Air Force and worked at various positions until retiring as a staff lieutenant colonel 16 years ago. Following this, he started working in the commercial aviation sector and over the years he has worked as a Manager in Safety, Training and Flight Operations Departments. In his current position, he is the Vice President at Pegasus Airlines responsible for Safety Management System, Quality and Compliance. He is an active pilot, TRE-SFE Examiner and instructs crew resource management (CRM), Security and Dangerous Goods courses.

Antonio Härry

Head of Quality and Safety, SR Technics Practical Application of Safety Risk Management at SR Technics Bio: Antonio is a mechanical engineer and holds an engineering degree in thermo-dynamics. He began his career in 1980 at Jet Aviation in Basel working as Project Engineer for completions. From 1982 to 2001, he has been with Crossair and Swissair/SR Technics. At Crossair Technics he started up the technical organization first in Zurich, later in Basel. He then became the head of the line maintenance department at Crossair. He was project leader on behalf of Crossair for the development of the Saab 2000 aircraft, from specification through development and introduction to the airline. At SR Technics he worked in the aircraft overhaul division and later for the flight safety division. Between 1991 and 2006 he was Head of Quality Assurance at Contraves Space (today RUAG Space). Antonio became then Vice President of Quality Assurance and Flight Safety at RUAG Aviation (Emmen), where he introduced a proactive and risk based Quality and Safety organisation including an SMS. He then became Vice President of the Business Unit Products at RUAG Aviation (Emmen and Oberpfaffenhofen/Munich). Among his achievements, was the successful relaunch of the Dornier 228 New Generation aircraft. In January 2011 he re-joined SR Technics Switzerland Ltd. in Zurich as Vice President Group Quality & Safety and Central Engineering.

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The Safety Management Systems International Collaboration Group (SM ICG), a group of 12 aviation regulatory bodies, was established in 2009. Since its formation, the group has produced several products and has begun to focus more on outreach to the greater international aviation community. To that end, the SM ICG has begun holding Industry Day events during its semi-annual meetings. Read more about other SM ICG Industry Day events


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