Industry Day - November 2017

Industry Day - November 2017

SM ICG Holds First Industry Day Outreach Event in Middle East

The Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG), a group of 18 aviation regulatory bodies, held its 11th semi-annual Industry Day event with representatives from 18 United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based aviation industry organizations and one Indian company on November 6, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. Ahmed Al Saabri, Quality & Safety Manager at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center, remarked, “I am honored to be here with the SM ICG. You are setting the road map for the future of aviation safety.” This event marks the first opportunity for aviation service providers in the region to hear directly from authorities that are working together and for those authorities to receive feedback on SM ICG products. The full day session, hosted by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), included five presentations and an open discussion on lessons learned and challenges in Safety Management Systems (SMS).

The SM ICG was established in 2009 to promote a common understanding of safety management principles and requirements, facilitating their application across the international aviation community. Since its formation, the group has published 25 products and several have been translated into French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Industry Day participants received the newest product, a pamphlet on Safety Culture for Effective Safety Management. In recent years, the SM ICG has increased outreach to the greater international aviation community. The inaugural Industry Day event took place in Ottawa, Canada in 2012 with subsequent events held in The Hague, Netherlands, Seattle, Washington, USA, Bern, Switzerland, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cologne, Germany, Vancouver, Canada, Rome, Italy, Miami, Florida, USA, and Gatwick, United Kingdom.

Yousuf Hashim Al Azizi, Director of Policy, Regulation, and Planning at UAE GCAA Aviation Safety Affairs Sector, kicked off the day saying, "The SM ICG is a unique gathering of safety management subject matter experts representing their regulatory bodies. Industry Day is a good opportunity for us as regulators to hear about challenges you experience with SMS in industry. We face challenges as well in State Safety Programs (SSP). I am sure we will leave today with valuable knowledge that we can go back and share with our organizations." After opening remarks, Simon Roberts, United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) SMS Programme Manager, gave an overview of the SM ICG and its work. 5 industry representatives (Carl Holt, Emirates; Martin O’Keeffe, Dubai Air Navigation Services; Dhruv Rebbapragada, IndiGo; Stewart Murphy, GAL Air Navigation Services; and Ahmed Al Saabri, Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center) then presented their experiences with and perspectives on SMS.Those Industry Day speaker biographies and presentations are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Industry Day participants discussed safety management in their organizations. Topics included bringing stakeholders together to manage change, safety leadership and the importance of listening to people, non-punitive reporting, the importance of respect and trust for effective collaboration, and the need for continuous learning. Stewart Murphy, Air Navigation Services (ANS) Safety Manager at Global Aerospace Logistics (GAL), valued the discussion, noting, “I wasn’t that familiar with the SM ICG before this event. This is an incredible collection of safety minds. It is a rare opportunity for safety professionals to gather to talk safety in this way.” Mike Reinert, System Performance and Development Branch Manager in the FAA Aircraft Certification Service and 2017 SM ICG Chair, thanked industry participants and encouraged them to visit SM ICG content on SKYbrary, concluding, "We want to continue to develop new products. Some are to help States and their regulatory bodies, some are for industry, and others are for both. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We regulators learned a lot today and we welcome your feedback so that our efforts will continue to be useful to the global aviation community."


Briefing Abstracts and Industry Presenter Biographies

Carl Holt

Manager Safety Management Systems, Emirates Change Management – An Operator’s Experience Abstract: The Emirates story started in 1985 when they launched operations with just two aircraft. Today, Emirates fly the world’s biggest fleets of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, offering customers the comforts of the latest and most efficient wide-body aircraft in the skies. Emirates inspires travellers around the world with a growing network of worldwide destinations, industry leading inflight entertainment, regionally inspired cuisine and world-class service. Bio: Carl has worked at Emirates for over six years and currently holds the position of Manager, Safety Management System. Prior to Emirates, his aviation background included over 15 years of military service including time as a captain and flight instructor on search and rescue helicopters. His final military position before joining Emirates was as a staff officer at the UK Directorate of Aviation Regulation and Safety. Carl’s current role involves all aspects of SMS development and implementation with a particular focus on risk and change management activities. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and holds master’s degrees in physics and psychology.

Martin O’Keeffe

Manager Organisational Safety, Dubai Air Navigation Services Safety Culture - It’s Your Ship Abstract: Formally established in 1967, dans has underpinned the phenomenal growth of the aviation sector in Dubai, as well as the UAE. With a single-minded vision of transforming the sky, dans are committed to enhancing the safety, capacity and efficiency of the air navigation services through innovative technologies, cutting-edge solutions and leading industry expertise. Chaired by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, dans provide their services at four airports in the UAE: Dubai International, the world’s busiest airport for international passengers, Al Maktoum International, Al Minhad Air Space and Sharjah International Airport. Dans also provides services to a global network of 140 airlines, and in 2014 enabled 70 million passengers to safely reach 270 destinations. DANS air traffic controllers are amongst the world’s most experienced and manage the world’s biggest fleet of A380s. DANS are enabling the UAE’s aviation sector to achieve seven percent annual growth. DANS safely and efficiently manage an average of 1,338 air traffic movements every day. The world’s largest 3D tower simulator is owned and operated by DANS. Bio: Martin has over 16 years of experience in Air Traffic Control having first worked as a controller in both Shannon and Dublin ACCs. Martin moved to the UAE in 2008 and worked as an Air Traffic Controller at the UAE ACC in Abu Dhabi where he was a watch supervisor and senior instructor. Martin completed his Masters Degree in Air Safety Management in 2013 and took up a position as Safety and Compliance Specialist at Dubai Air Navigation Services in 2014 with a focus on ATC incident investigation. He was appointed Manager Organisational Safety in April 2017 where he is responsible for the development and improvement of the dans SMS.

Dhruv Rebbapragada

Chief of Safety, IndiGo SMS in Daily Operations Abstract: IndiGo, a part of InterGlobe Aviation, is India’s largest passenger airline with a market share of 38.2% as of September 2017. It started operations in August 2006 with the objective of redefining affordable air travel in India. Ever since its inception, IndiGo has followed a simple philosophy to offer fares that are always low, flights that are on time, and a travel experience that is courteous and hassle-free. After 11 years of operations the airline connects 46 destinations –39 domestic and 7 international and has a technical dispatch reliability 99.84%. The airline has continued to record profits 9 years in a row and has once again been ranked number 1 in on time performance. IndiGo placed the largest airbus order in the history of aviation and since the year 2006, the airline has flown a single fleet type and has grown from a carrier with one plane to a fleet of 141 A320 aircraft including 24 A320 NEOs. Bio: Dhruv is a training Captain of A320 type of aircraft with 15000 flying hours and the “Safety Manager” for IndiGo. Dhruv is actively involved in incident & accident investigation, CRM and other safety related work. IndiGo is a low cost airline based in India and they fly mainly in domestic routes with international operations into Gulf & South- East Asia. IndiGo currently has more than 130 A320’s with the highest share in domestic operations.

Stewart Murphy

ANS Safety Manger, GAL Air Navigation Services (Abu Dhabi Airports); Chairman of the UAE Airspace Restructuring Project 3 Safety Sub Group UAE Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and Regulatory Safety Collaboration – The UAE Airspace Restructuring Project Abstract: The continued significant growth of air traffic and the need to provide greater flight efficiency made it necessary to optimise all available airspace within the Emirates FIR. The purpose of the UAE Airspace Restructuring Project (ARP) is to conduct the work required for the integration and implementation of agreed Airspace concept designs. The project will also complete the detailed development and preparation of all associated procedures and documentation for 2020 traffic levels utilising current CNS infrastructure. The UAE ARP3 Safety Sub Group (SSG) provides safety representation from all the ANSP’s and the Regulatory body (GCAA) in UAE to manage and harmonise safety considerations and regulatory requirements reporting into the ARP3 Project and Technical Management teams. Bio: Stewart currently is the ANS Safety Manger for Abu Dhabi Airports and have worked in the GCC area for the past 20 years in UAE and Oman Area Control Centers as ATCO, Supervisor and Unit Safety Investigator. Stewart previously worked as an Air Traffic Controller with Airways Cooperation, New Zealand, The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as an Air Traffic Control Officer and served with the United Nations Somalia training Somali Nationals and providing ATC services at Mogadishu 1993/94. Stewart is a graduate from Massey University, New Zealand and holds a Bachelor’s Degree In Aviation Management.

Ahmed Al Saabri

Quality & Safety Manager, Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre Safety View Abstract: The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of the United Arab Emirates commenced ATS Operations in the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Air Navigation Centre from the 6th of June 2009. The AED 300-million project, was completed in early June 2009, is considered the largest and most advanced air traffic management facility in the Middle East. Also featuring on the site are four unique design 60m masts for the communications equipment antennas providing a blend of aesthetic quality with practical application. The centre considered autonomous for power providing four levels of fallback from prime power for the main Air Traffic Centre (ATC) equipment. The centre today handles more than 2200 air traffic movements per day for the 8 international airports in the UAE as well as the over flying movements. The centre hosts 9 air traffic sectors as well as the Approach air traffic services to Al Ain International airport. The Main ACC building has a 600m2 ATC room with sufficient sector suites with the latest technology to accommodate traffic growth for 20 years or a total traffic volume exceeding 2 million annual movements. Bio: Ahmed al Saabri serves as the Quality & Safety Manager at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre. Al Saabri has over 16 years of experience in the field of aviation in general. He was employed by UAE GCAA in different capacities. He served as an Air Traffic Control Officer, Instructor and Inspector in Air Navigation Services (ANS) domain at the Area Control Centre in Abu Dhabi. Prior to his current role as Quality and Safety Manager, Al Saabri was in charge of Air Traffic Management at Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre and has participated in number of Panels and Working Groups at the Regional and International arena within the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) framework.

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The Safety Management Systems International Collaboration Group (SM ICG), a group of 18 aviation regulatory bodies, was established in 2009. Since its formation, the group has produced several products and has begun to focus more on outreach to the greater international aviation community. To that end, the SM ICG has begun holding Industry Day events during its semi-annual meetings. Read more about other SM ICG Industry Day events


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