Industry Safety Culture Evaluation Tool and Guidance

Industry Safety Culture Evaluation Tool and Guidance


This tool and guidance and is meant to assist Authority inspectors in identification of cultural issues as part of its oversight activities. The guide and tool:

  • Support the SMS assessments by incorporating a qualitative assessment of the safety culture in an organization.
  • Is based on previous academic research, but does not assess safety culture in a quantitative way.
  • Support regulatory Inspectors in recognizing and assessing different levels of safety culture maturity in the course of surveillance activities. It will also inform them on the concept of safety culture and how to use the Industry Safety Culture Evaluation Tool.

It is important for the user to recognize that perceptions of safety culture will vary between management and the workforce. The assessment questions have been tailored to assess the views of management and a corresponding question for that of the workforce. Focusing on these two organizational levels in safety culture assessments provides valuable information for identifying potential mismatches between their perceptions.

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