Line Operations Monitoring System (LOMS)

Line Operations Monitoring System (LOMS)


Line Operations Monitoring System


The purpose of Line Operations Monitoring System (LOMS) is to compare flight data, identify exceedances, and monitor events. It creates a database containing all flight data recorded in the digital flight data recorder media. It then compares them with the intended flight profile and processing exceedances. From these exceedances it identifies events, i.e. work errors in aircraft handling. It then monitors these events in order to propose: menu-driven reporting (various statistical analyses of these work errors), identification of risk scenario, and trend analysis.

Developed by Airbus. Training managers can use Line Operations Monitoring System (LOMS) to get effective line feedback for recurrent and transition training. Line Operations Monitoring System (LOMS) has three phases to grade events on its deviation scale:

  • Level one defines a small exceedance indicating a routine error.
  • Level two defines a serious deviation indicating a significant error.
  • Level three defines a major event indicating a major error.

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