LMQ HF Model

LMQ HF Model


The Human Factors model was developed from a realisation that the reason why HF was not given adequate priority, particularly amongst key decision makers and despite overwhelming evidence that HF was a significant contributor to the vast majority of accidents, was probably that it is not clearly understood.

This model aims to bring a clarity and simplicity to the subject of HF, so that it can be more easily used by those in an operational context to understand why human performance is effected, and how safety can be enhanced. It is a framework that can be used by practitioners, designers, trainers, regulators and accident investigators to more easily apply HF principles to their work.

The Non Technical Skills Assessment Form can be used by trainers to assess pilots, engineers, cabin crew or air traffic controllers (adapted appropriately) in a subjective but structured manner. It will assist in personal development and provide data to inform the SMS and the development of training programmes within an EBT ( Evidenced Based Training) scheme.

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