Maritime kite flying incident

Maritime kite flying incident


EUROCONTROL Agency has been informed of an incident that happened on 15 September 2009 over the Southern North Sea:

"The aircraft was descending and identified a large kite/skysail flying ahead of the vessel and at around 1000 ft (just below the clouds).

It was attached to the vessel and was in the flight path of the aircraft as it headed towards a nearby installation. The 'skysail' was extended on a long cable and was moving around the vessel in an erratic manner.

Further research has shown that this is one of the first in a line of ‘experimental’ vessels using ‘skysails’ to supplement the traditional propulsion units."

Illustrative example of a “skysail”

Your Attention Is Required

  • Aviation Authorities are invited to review their kite flying legislation, rules, applicable constrains and required coordination.
  • Aviation Service Providers are invited to note the subject and investigate the relevance in their operational environment.
  • Aviation Professionals are invited to share their knowledge and experience about the described issue.


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