Measuring Safety Performance Guidelines for Service Providers

Measuring Safety Performance Guidelines for Service Providers


The objective of this paper is to provide guidelines for the definition and implementation of a set of safety performance indicators as part of your safety management system.

This document proposes an approach to safety performance measurement aiming at increasing your company’s potential for effective safety management that considers systemic and operational issues. Effective safety performance measurement will be decisive in driving your safety management system towards excellence.

Throughout this document:

  • any reference to the term 'service provider' is intended to cover providers of aviation products and services;
  • any reference to 'operations' is intended to mean your core activities being regulated through aviation safety regulations; and
  • any reference to 'regulator' is used in the broad sense, to cover all State functions and responsibilities as relevant for the management of aviation safety.

Terms and definitions used throughout this document consider definitions contained in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 19 Edition 1 and the Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG) Safety Management Terminology paper.

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