Multi Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR)

Multi Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR)


A multi purpose flight recorder (MPFR), also sometimes referred to as a Combined Voice and Flight Recorder (CVFDR), is a device which incorporates the functions of both a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and a flight data recorder (FDR) within a single unit.


The regulatory requirements for both CVR and FDR fitment have steadily evolved over the years. This evolution has included changes in the regulations including, but not limited to, items such as:

  • survivability
  • reliability
  • minimum duration of voice data
  • required number of data parameters
  • inclusion of CPDLC information
  • category, size and types of aircraft requiring fitment of CVR and FDR equipment

The final item on the above list has played a significant role in the development of the multi purpose recorder. Regulatory changes compel aircraft that were previously exempt CVR and/or FDR requirements to now have that equipment installed. Many of these aircraft have both weight and space limitations which make fitment of individual CVR and FDR devices impractical. The single unit MPFR represents both a space savings and a weight reduction. In some cases, this weight reduction can be further enhanced by use of specific MPFR units that can be "hard mounted" to the airframe instead of requiring dedicated space on an equipment rack. New-build, large aircraft types are also taking advantage of the weight and space savings achieved by the fitment of MPFRs instead of conventional units.

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