National Airspace Information Monitoring System (NAIMS)

National Airspace Information Monitoring System (NAIMS)


National Airspace Information Monitoring System (NAIMS) is a Federal Aviation Administration program to collect, maintain and analyse aviation statistical information based on reports of accidents and incidents in the US national airspace system. NAIMS produces a monthly report available to the public, supplies data to National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Centre Database (NASDAC), and responds to public inquiries for safety information. Reported incidents are:

  • Near mid-air collisions (NMAC’s)
  • Operational errors (OE’s)
  • Operational deviations (OD’s)
  • Pilot deviations (PD’s)
  • Vehicle/pedestrian deviations (VPD’s)
  • Surface incidents (SI’s)
  • Runway incursions (RI’s)
  • Flight assists (FA’s)

The NAIMS monthly report monitors trends in and apportionment of each of these indicators. For example, operational error rates (OE’s per 100,000 operations) are shown for each ATC facility. The original forms are maintained for five years. A database containing an electronic copy of each form is maintained indefinitely.

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