National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)


The National Business Aviation Association is a U.S.-based trade organization that represents companies that use general aviation (GA) aircraft – fixed-wing and rotary wing, piston-powered and turbine-powered -- in their business operations. The organization’s stated purpose is “to foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world.”

Business aviation is generally considered a subset of the larger general aviation, which encompasses all civil aviation activity except commercial airline.


NBAA was founded in 1947 as the National Business Aircraft Association to promote and protect the interests of business aircraft operators as the global civil aviation sector developed following World War II. Specifically, the founders of the organization were concerned about possible airline domination of the air traffic control system.

Today, NBAA is based in Washington, D.C., and represents 11,000 member companies that have combined annual revenues of approximately $5 trillion. NBAA represents the business aviation community before the U.S. Congress and in regulatory issues involving the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation, among others. In addition to advocacy, NBAA provides training and professional development opportunities, identifies and works to improve top safety focus areas, sponsors and holds numerous regional and national trade shows and seminars, including the annual NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, which is one of the international aviation industry’s largest events.

More information is available on the NBAA website.

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