Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)

Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)


The Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) delivers core operational services across several domains:

  • Flow and Capacity Management
  • ATM Access Gateway and Flight Planning Operations
  • Information Management Domain
  • Crisis and Contingency Management
  • Post-operations analysis and reporting.

The NMOC evolved from the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU), which was created in 1995 as a response to the chronic delays plaguing European air traffic throughout the 1980s.

In its Single European Sky II legislation, the European Commission created the Network Manager function so as to optimise the European aviation network’s performance. The EC nominated EUROCONTROL as Network Manager in July 2011 until the end of the second Reference Period of the Performance Scheme (31 December 2019). EUROCONTROL will seek re-designation for the period beyond 2019.

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