NLR Air Safety Database

NLR Air Safety Database


The NLR Air Safety Database is maintained at NLR. It contains detailed information on accidents and incidents of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters from 1960 and onwards.

Data Sources

This database consists of accident data from a large number of sources including, for instance, official international reporting systems (e.g. ICAO ADREP), Accident Investigation Agencies, and insurance companies.

The database contains information on more than 37,000 accidents and serious incidents that occurred worldwide. In addition to data on accidents and serious incidents the database also contains over 310,000 commercial airline safety reports for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Furthermore, the Air Safety Database contains worldwide non-accident related data, including airport databases, flight exposure data (flights/hours at the level of airlines, aircraft type, and departures/arrivals at airports), airport weather data, aircraft fleet data, and more. The Air Safety Database has been used many times to make the difference in the acceptation of new procedures.

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