Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid (Netherlands)

Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid (Netherlands)

De Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid (The Dutch Safety Board)


The Dutch Safety Board is an independent administrative body and individual legal entity instituted in Dutch law and tasked with investigating and determining the causes or probable causes of individual incidents or categories of incidents the following sectors: Aviation, Construction and service, Crisis management and relief, Defence, Health, Industry, pipelines and networks, Inland shipping, Railways, Road traffic and Water.

The sole objective of such investigations is to prevent future accidents or incidents, and if considered meaningful based on the results, to duly issue recommendations.

The organisation consists of a Board with five permanent members and ten permanent committees. For specific investigations, special Supervisory Committees are appointed. The Board is supported by an office consisting of researchers, secretary-safety specialists and support staff.

The Dutch Safety Board is the legal successor to the Transport Safety Board.

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for further information, visit the The Dutch Safety Board website http://www.onderzoeksraad.nl/en/


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