Policy on Contingency

Policy on Contingency


The policy stage establishes the air navigation service provider (ANSP) organisation's contingency planning policy and operational concept for contingency and establishes the requirements around which the detailed contingency plans will be built


The aim for the contingency policy is to provide a framework to enable the development of an operational concept for contingency and should be coordinated with the organisation's overall approach to crisis management.


It is recommended that ANSPs develop a policy for contingency in much the same way as they do for safety and security. The contingency policy should describe the organisation's attitude towards contingency and set out the internal requirements, goals and objectives. It should also define the scope of Contingency e.g. whether it includes the provision for “service continuity” or limits provision to emergency and “fail to safe” modes of operation. Economic guidelines may assist ANSPs and State authorities to form an opinion as to limiting provision to “fail to safe” modes of operations.

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