Promotion Material for the Prevention of Loss of Communication

Promotion Material for the Prevention of Loss of Communication


Air–ground communications is a key component for the safe and expeditious operation of aircraft. Conversely, a loss of communication can result in undesirable and sometimes unsafe situations. A prolonged loss of communication (PLOC) additionally creates a security concern and could result in military response measures, e.g. the activation of armed fighter aircraft (Quick Reaction Alert, QRA).

The awareness of all stakeholders is required to avoid such incidents and to emphasise actions for a timely recovery of communications if a loss of communication should have happened. The following promotion material is available for all stakeholders to promote the issue and help reduce occurrences. Different forms of promotion and extent allow for a tailored distribution.

Promotion Material

The following material mainly targets front line operators such as flight crews and air traffic controllers.

Emergency Frequency Awareness Poster

This catchy poster is a joint initiative of EUROCONTROL, ECA, IFATCA, IATA and CANSO. It highlights the importance of radio telephony discipline on emergency frequencies with a funny touch. The QR-code redirects to the Emergency Frequency SKYclip.

The PDF-Version is best suited for digital distribution, e.g. in a safety note. The JPG-file can be used to include your organisation’s logo in the lower right corner prior to dissemination or printing, e.g. for display in a briefing area.

Emergency Frequency Awareness Poster 2022 (PDF)

Emergency Frequency Awareness Poster 2022 (PNG) (Option to add your logo)


ICAO OPS Bulletin 2021 with Principles and Best Practices in Case of Loss of Air-Ground Communication

This bulletin describes the issue and its causes with a special emphasis on the recovery of communication. It provides recommendations for aircraft operators, ATC units, flight crews and air traffic controllers. It was developed by a project team of ICAO’s European Aviation System Planning Group.

ICAO EUR OPS Bulletin 2021 (PDF)


NATO & EUROCONTROL CommLoss Awareness Leaflet and Poster

NATO and EUROCONTROL worked together in publishing this catchy poster and this concise leaflet including the most effective best practices for mitigating loss of communication.

NATO & EUROCONTROL CommLoss Leaflet 2019 (PDF)

NATO & EUROCONTROL CommLoss Poster 2019 (PDF)



SKYclips are a growing collection of short animations of around 2 minutes duration which focus on a single safety topic in aviation. The following clips have been produced regarding loss of communication:



The ALLCLEAR? toolkit gives airline and ATS trainers a range of training resources. Use the resources to run a training session for your people. Show a video ... discuss it ... hand out the top tips! Adapt the materials to suit your own needs. Try out the online training for yourself ... and then introduce others to it.



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