Qualified Entity in SES

Qualified Entity in SES


Qualified entities are organisations which posses the necessary expertise and technical experience to verify on behalf of the National Supervisory Authority the compliance of an air navigation service provider with the common requirements established at EU level.

Requirements for Qualified Entities

A National Supervisory Authority may decide to delegate in full or in part the inspections and surveys of air navigation service providers to qualified entities that fulfil the requirements set out in Annex I to the SES Service provision regulation (Regulation (EC) No 550/2004)

The recognition as qualified entity is granted to an organisation by a National Supervisory Authority and it is valid within the European Community for a renewable period of three years.

The qualified entity must demonstrate:

  • Documented extensive experience in assessing public and private entities in the air transport sectors, in particular air navigation service providers, and in other similar sectors in one or more of the fields covered by the Service provision regulation;
  • Comprehensive rules and regulations for the periodic survey of the above mentioned entities, published and continually upgraded and improved through research and development programmes;
  • Documented policy and objectives, and commitment to quality and have ensured that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation;
  • An effective internal certified quality management system in compliance with EN 45004 (inspection bodies) and with EN 29001.

The qualified entity shall be:

  • Independent of air navigation service providers, of airport management authorities or of other entities engaged commercially in the provision of air navigation services or in air transport services;
  • Established with significant technical, managerial, support and research staff commensurate with the tasks to be carried out;
  • Managed and administered in such a way as to ensure the confidentiality of information required by the administration.

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