Radar Control - Collision Avoidance Concepts

UK CAA CAP 717: Radar Control - Collision Avoidance Concepts

In 2002, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published CAP 717 with the aim of ensuring that controller emergency training programmes were enhanced. At the time it was considered that avoiding action instructions issued by controllers were not always well understood by controllers and pilots.

CAP 717 discusses the factors affecting the issuing of avoiding action instructions by controllers within controlled airspace. A number of example scenarios are provided, offering guidance on avoiding action instructions that may be suitable.

This guidance, reviewed and updated by the CAA in 2009, is incorporated into controller training schemes to encourage the instinctive use of the words “avoiding action” whenever controllers realise that the possibility of a serious loss of separation exists. The contents of the document will also be of interest to pilots and flying training organisations.

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