Reorganized ATC Mathematical Simulator Plus


RAMS Plus is a PC-based simulation tool that allows the users to create a model of an air traffic control system, ATC procedures, 4D performance of over 300 aircraft, 4D conflict detection and rule -based conflict resolution, and controller actions based on the current demand. It includes controller workload assignment based on dynamic system conditions, TMA runway sequencing and holding stack operations, airspace routing, free flight and Reduced Vertical Separation Minima zones, stochastic traffic generation, and graphical animation. The tool produces a detailed list of events created in text form for analysis.

The original Reorganized ATC Mathematical Simulator (RAMS) is a fast-time simulation tool developed by the EUROCONTROL Experimental Center (EEC) at Bretigny (France) and CACI Inc. in 1993. RAMS official release 2.0 was carried out in November 1995. RAMS Plus is developed, supported, and distributed exclusively by ISA Software.

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