Regulation (EU) No 2016/583 amending Regulation 1332/2011 for airborne collision avoidance

Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/583 of 15 April 2016 amending Regulation (EU) No 1332/2011 laying down common airspace usage requirements and operating procedures for airborne collision avoidance - text published in the Official Journal of the European Union


To amend Regulation 1332/2011 by removing obsolete provisions.


The amendment of Regulation 3922/91 (deletion of certain provisions) resulted in Regulation 1332/2011 referencing non-existant provisions.

Some provisions of Regulation 1332/2011 (reaction to RAs by the flight crew) were better addressed in Regulation 923/2012.

Therefore, the following amendments were made to Regulation 1332/2011:

  • Article 4 (reference to Regulation 3922/91) was deleted
  • Internal references to Article 4 were deleted
  • The Annex was replaced (AUR.ACAS.2005 Use of ACAS II was deleted and the structure of the Annex was adjusted).

Entry Into Force

This Regulation entered into force in May 2016.

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