Reporting metadata specification

Reporting metadata specification


The reporting metadata specification is the list of mandatory fields which have to be provided to ICAO in the context of accident data reporting (ADREP). Metadata is data about accident data, allowing classification and categorisation for safety analysis purposes.

Metadata specification

The table below lists the data ICAO requires Member States to include as a minimum into the data report as per Chapter 7 of ICAO Annex 13. Highlighted fields are used to uniquely identify the report in the ICAO database. Notifications which do not contain this information will be rejected.

A subset of this data may already be available right after that the event occurred and should therefor be communicated in the initial notification sent to ICAO as per Chapter 4 of ICAO Annex 13.

Metadata specification for accident data reporting to ICAO
Section Name Data type Source
Filing Information State Reporting Value list ISO 3166-1 list of country codes
Reporting orgainization Text  
State file number Text  
Headline Text  
When Local Date Date  
Local Time Time  
Where State of occurrence Value list ISO 3166-1 list of country codes
Location of occurrence Text  
FIR Value list FIR Codes
Latitude of occ Latitude  
Longitude of occ Longitude  
Classification Occurrence class Value list Occurrence Class Taxonomy
Occurrence category Value list Occurrence Category Taxonomy
Severity Damage aircraft Value list Damage Aircraft Taxonomy
Injury level Value list Injury Level Taxonomy
Fatalities Number  
Narrative Narrative Text  
Aircraft identification Aircraft registration Text  
Serial number Text  
Manufacturer/model Text  
State of registry Value list ISO 3166-1 list of country codes
Operator Operator Text  
Operation type Operation type Value list Operation Type Taxonomy
Mass group Mass group Value list

MG1: 0-2250 kg

MG2: 2251 - 5700 kg

MG3: 5701 - 27000 kg

MG4: 27001 - 272000 kg

MG5: >272000 kg

UNK: Unkown

History of flight:Itinary Last departure point Value list 4L Airport Codes
Planned destination Value list 4L Airport Codes
Flight phase Value list Flight Phase Taxonomy
Events Event type Value list Event type taxonomy

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