Risk-Based and Performance-Based Oversight Guidance

Risk-Based and Performance-Based Oversight Guidance


Since the early stages of aviation, the civil aviation system was established on a set of prescriptive rules, designed to ensure safety. ICAO Annex 19 (Safety Management) introduces a new approach to managing safety, focused on safety performance and safety risks. As a consequence, States are putting in place risk-based oversight (RBO) and performance-based oversight strategies. RBO is an approach where oversight activities are prioritized based on the risk profile of the organization. Performance-based oversight, on the other hand, assesses the effectiveness of the organization’s management system (e.g., Safety Management System [SMS], Quality Management System [QMS]) in driving toward safety objectives. Therefore, the combination of compliance-based, risk-based, and performance-based oversight should all be seen as complementary approaches.

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In addition to the Risk-Based and Performance-Based Oversight Guidance document, the SM ICG developed two additional related guidance documents that support both compliance-based and performance-based oversight methods. They also developed a factsheet to describe all three documents. All documents are available through the links below.


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