Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS)

Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS)

The Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) is a professional and learned society for weather and climate.

It was established on 3 April 1850 as 'The British Meteorological Society' and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1866 when its name was changed to "The Meteorological Society". The privilege of adding 'Royal' to the title was granted in 1883 and it remains active internationally as "one of the world's largest Meteorological Societies".

The Society administers vocational qualifications of the Meteorological profession and, under the terms of its Royal Charter pursues the advancement of meteorological science. The Society notes that "as meteorological science has developed it has come to include not just the science of weather and climate itself, but the application of this to disciplines such as agriculture, aviation, hydrology, marine transport and oceanography, as well as the impacts of climate change and the interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans". As part of this, the Society has an Aviation Special Interest Group (SIG).

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