Runway Excursion Statistics for Europe


The review is based on worldwide data obtained from ICAO since the EASA does not have an accident data base. States are required under Annex 13 to report accidents to aircraft over 2250 kg to ICAO. There is no requirement to report accident information to EASA. The review concerned turbine powered aeroplanes with a mass > 5700 kg, those usually involved in air transport operations.

Note: The classification of the occurrences according to their related accident category and the severity is based on initial data and is subject to change as the investigations proceed.


By 1 September 2008, 26 accidents and 11 serious incidents involving runway excursions worldwide had come to the attention of ICAO. This is compared with an average of 42 such accidents annually (1998-2007), or some 28 such accidents for an eight-month period. However, the number of serious incidents noted so far this year, 11, would exceed the 10 year average for an eight month period (7) by 4.

Overall, it would appear that the number of runway excursions seen this year is in line with the experience of the past.

Runway excursions are the most frequent accident category for worldwide accidents and the third most frequent accident category for aircraft registered in EASA States (EU27+4). In terms of fatal accidents, runway excursions rank in sixth place both worldwide and for aircraft registered in EU27+4 States.

Runway excursions are subject to specific safety action of the industry.


The following graphs are based on data for turbine powered aeroplanes with a mass of 5700 kg or more.

Annual number of runway excursions - worldwide

Note: Not all incidents are reported to ICAO. The number of incidents shown understates the number experienced by the industry

Number of runway excursions - aircraft registered in EASA States (EU27+4)

Top accident categories - word-wide, 1998-2008

Top accident categories - aircraft registered in EU27+4 - 1998-2008

Top accident categories - word-wide, fatal accidents - 1998-2008

Top accident categories - EU27+4 - fatal accidents - 1998-2008

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