Runway Incursion Device (RID)

Runway Incursion Device (RID)


A runway incursion device (RID) provides an audible and visual alert to air traffic controllers when a runway is not available for departing or landing aircraft and essentially is used to provide controllers with additional situational awareness of occupied and closed runways.

RID devices are scheduled to installed at five U.S. airports for operational evaluation by November 2024, with deployments to more than 70 more airports beginning in 2025.

Surface Safety Portfolio

RID is one of three surface situational awareness tools that comprise the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) surface safety portfolio. The tools were fast-tracked for development following a series of high-profile runway incursion events at U.S. airports in early 2023.

The other tools are the approach runway verification (ARV) and the the surface awareness initiative (SAI).

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