Runway Incursion, Taxi to Holding Position

Runway Incursion, Taxi to Holding Position

What We Experienced

  • Recent SISG discussions have identified that Runway Incursion continues to be a key risk area. Two specific concerns have been raised regarding the misinterpretation of communications:
  1. mis-interpretation of the “HOLD SHORT” instruction, and
  2. mis-interpretation of the “TAXI TO HOLDING POSITION” instruction.

An ANSP provided a voice communications record from a recent incident illustrating the second example.

ICAO Procedure

The European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Incursions provides: “The most common phraseology problem for non European based flight crew, is the fundamental difference between:

  • the North American phraseology: “TAXI INTO POSITION AND HOLD” (which has the same meaning as the ICAO standard phrase “LINE UP [AND WAIT]”), and
  • the standard ICAO phraseology: “TAXI TO HOLDING POSITION” (which means taxi to, and hold at, a point clear of the runway - Instrument Landing System (ILS) Cat 1, 2/3 etc).

Listen carefully to the instruction. If unsure - ASK.


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