Safety Management Terminology

Safety Management Terminology


The purpose of this paper is to provide a common set of safety management related terms and definitions for use by the civil aviation community and to assist in effective communication and safety information sharing. This document has been updated to align with ICAO Annex 19, Amendment 1.

Service providers and civil aviation authorities both need to manage risk, although the nature and scope of the hazards may be different. For example, while a service provider may identify hazards specific to its unique organization, a civil aviation authority may be identifying hazards from emerging trends across an entire aviation system, based on aggregate data from multiple service providers’ safety management systems. Thus, in order to allow managers in any type of organization to make decisions based on risk, these organizations must possess and analyze safety data in order to identify hazards that exist in their systems. Consequently, utilizing common terminology and definitions is essential for aggregating this data. 

While considering the need for organizations to collect, share, aggregate and share safety information, SM ICG members decided that it was necessary to agree on a set of safety management related terms and definitions for them. The SM ICG utilized its own and outside expertise to identify pertinent safety management related terms and definitions. These terms and definitions were developed through a detailed and deliberate process. 

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