Safety Oversight Following the Implementation of SMS

Safety Oversight Following the Implementation of SMS


Large volumes of information are readily available globally on the theory of Safety Management Systems (SMSs) and to a somewhat lesser extent on the topic of SMS development and evaluation. When considering the oversight and/or surveillance of Product/Service Providers (P/SPs) who have an implemented SMS, little tangible information is available. The SM ICG seeks to address this void by providing guidance to assist competent authorities performing oversight and surveillance of P/SPs who have established SMSs where system componentry is not only “present” and “suitable,” but more specifically “operating” and “effective.” The SM ICG believes that such a document will be useful in assisting P/SPs who wish to develop an understanding of the processes that may be applied by their respective Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) as part of an SMS oversight regime.

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In addition to the Safety Oversight Following the Implementation of SMS document, the SM ICG developed two additional related guidance documents that support both compliance-based and performance-based oversight methods. They also developed a factsheet to describe all three documents. All documents are available through the links below.


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