Safety Pilot

Safety Pilot


A Safety Pilot is a pilot who is current and qualified to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) on the class/type of aeroplane and carried on board the aeroplane for the purpose of taking over control should the person acting as the PIC become incapacitated.

Operational Safety Pilot Limitation

This limitation is added to a medical certificate when a pilot is considered to be at increased risk of incapacitation compared to his/her peer group. The holder of the medical certificate is precluded from solo flying and always has to fly with a safety pilot.

Before each flight the pilot who holds the restricted medical certificate should inform the accompanying pilot that he/she is required to fly with a safety pilot, because of a medical condition. No details of the medical condition need be given, but the safety pilot should give sufficient information to make him/her aware of the type of problem that could occur during the flight.

Aircraft considerations

The aircraft must have dual controls and you must be licensed to fly in the proposed airspace and conditions. The PIC should be sat at one set of controls and the safety pilot at the other set.

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