SE014: Safety Culture – CEO and Director of Safety More Visible

SE014: Safety Culture – CEO and Director of Safety More Visible



This safety enhancement develops a strategy that makes Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other key officers of Part 121 air carriers more visible and more effective in promoting a safety culture targeted to preventing approach and landing accidents.

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The following safety culture guidance materials are endorsed by CAST: SAE G18 Committee's "Operator’s Aviation Safety Handbook" and the FAA Audit Tool.. Handbook Bulletin Air Transportation – 14 CFR Part 121 and 135 Air Carrier Safety Departments, Programs, and the Director of Safety (HBAT 99-19) was also endorsed by CAST and distributed to all certificate holders. CAST member organizations requested and received a safety commitment statement from air carrier CEO’s. Directors of safety (DOS’s), working through senior management, were requested to implement the guidance contained in HBAT 99-19. The HBAT has since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1 available on FAA's  Dynamic Regulatory System, but is included here for the information it contains.

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