SE016: AFM Database for Inspectors

SE016: AFM Database for Inspectors



This safety enhancement tasks the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fully implement the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) database for inspectors’ use in surveillance by populating the database with records pertaining to all aircraft used in all operating Parts of the CFR, and to support daily changes in records contained in the database.

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Handbook Bulletin for Air Transportation – Airplane Flight Manual Revisions and Aircraft Manufacturers Operations Bulletins (HBAT 99-16A) was issued as guidance for aircraft manufacturers. Flight manual and operations bulletin revisions are forwarded to a centralized location to populate a database for use by FAA field inspectors conducting surveillance of their assigned air carriers. The HBAT has since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1 available on FAA's  Dynamic Regulatory System, but is included here for the information it contains.

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