SE017: Maintenance Procedures – Servicing Landing Struts

SE017: Maintenance Procedures – Servicing Landing Struts



This safety enhancement reduces approach and landing accidents by re-emphasizing current maintenance rules, policies, and procedures developed by the commercial airline operators and the FAA. This re-emphasis specifically directs that approved maintenance programs related to the servicing of components incorporate all of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) safety-related components and procedures.

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Flight Standards Information Bulletin for Airworthiness—Cold Weather Servicing of Aircraft Nose Landing Gear Struts (FSAW 97-10) was issued as guidance for FAA field inspectors regarding adequate procedures to ensure aircraft nose landing gear struts are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended methods for cold weather operations. The FSAW has since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1 available on FAA's  Dynamic Regulatory System, but is included here for the information it contains.

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