SE018: Maintenance Procedures – Subcontractor Maintenance Guidance

SE018: Maintenance Procedures – Subcontractor Maintenance Guidance



This safety enhancement reduced approach and landing accidents by re-emphasizing current maintenance rules, policies, and procedures developed by the commercial airline operators and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This re-emphasis specifically directs that both the operators and regulators increase oversight of sub-contract activity.

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Handbook Bulletin for Airworthiness – Air Carrier Operations Specifications to Make Arrangements with Other Organizations to Perform Substantial Maintenance (HBAW 96-05C) and Handbook Bulletin for Airworthiness – Aircraft and Maintenance Provider Contracts (HBAW 98-01) were issued to FAA field inspectors to specifically address FAA surveillance oversight activity of air carriers sub-contractor activities and evaluation of contractual relationships between air carriers and maintenance providers. The HBAWs have since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1 available on FAA's  Dynamic Regulatory System, but are included here for the information they contain.

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