SE023: Approach and Landing (ALAR) Flight Crew Training

SE023: Approach and Landing (ALAR) Flight Crew Training



This safety enhancement ensures that Part 121 air carriers implement syllabi that train and evaluate aircrews on stabilized approaches, unusual attitudes, and upset recoveries. Specific topics related to stabilized approaches should include: crew resource management, go around criteria, approaches with system malfunctions, non-normal conditions, emphasis on basic airmanship, approach briefings, approach and missed approach procedures.

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards Service (AFS)-200 issued Flight Standards Information Bulletin for Air Transportation (FSAT) 01-12 ALAR Accident Reduction Recommended Flightcrew Training highlighting the importance of ALAR type flight crew training. The FSAT has since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1 available on FAA's  Dynamic Regulatory System, but is included here for the information it contains. AFS-200 also introduced a training guide, developed by the Air Transport Association (ATA) and the ALAR JSIT (Joint Safety Implementation Team), which contained instructions to all Part 121 Principal Inspectors to convey the contents of FSAT 01-12 to their assigned Air Carriers.

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