SE024: Aircraft Design - Continuing Airworthiness

SE024: Aircraft Design - Continuing Airworthiness



This safety enhancement promotes incorporation of fault-tolerant design principles for flight-critical system components and to facilitate critical point, flight-realistic-condition, certification testing/analysis. Changes to flight-critical system components will be considered a major change unless the applicant can show the change is in fact a minor change and monitors the continued airworthiness (in-service failures) of these systems using a risk assessment-focused methodology.

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The Key Safety Information (KSI) Report is the culmination of an industry effort initiated by the Certification Process Study (CPS) effort and directed to be implemented by Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) through Safety Enhancement #24. The KSI Development Team consisted of aircraft and engine manufacturers, airline operators, and aviation regulatory agencies. The goal of the project and the report is to increase the level of aviation safety via an Advisory Circular that describes methods and processes whereby OEM’s can make operators aware of Key Safety Information. All parties have worked together to develop a mutually agreed document that also outlines operator’s and regulatory agency’s responsibilities in the process.

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