SE035: Displays and Alerting Systems – Existing Designs (R-D)


This safety enhancement outlines research and development (R&D) topics needed to evaluate display and alerting systems in existing type designs to provide:

  1. Graphic speed trend information
  2. A pitch limit indication
  3. Bank angle limits to buffet
  4. Barber poles and amber bands on primary airspeed indications
  5. Detection and annunciation of conflicting attitude, airspeed and altitude data information
  6. Detection and removal of invalid attitude, airspeed and altitude data information (i.e.. from an internal fault)
  7. Detection and removal of misleading attitude, airspeed and altitude data information (e.g., from an external sensor fault) to the extent feasible
  8. Information to perform effective manual recovery from unusual attitudes using chevrons, sky pointers, and/or permanent ground-sky horizon on all attitude indications
  9. Salient annunciation of autoflight mode changes and engagement status changes (e.g., blinking/colored/boxed mode information)
  10. Effective sideslip information and alerting of excessive sideslip (e.g., split trapezoid on attitude indicator)
  11. Clear annunciation of engine limit exceedances and significant thrust loss.

The actions of this SE have been implemented for new type designs. See SE034: Displays and Alerting Systems

This safety enhancement is not currently on the CAST Plan, but might be included in the future. In that event, the attached Implementation Plan would be revised prior to inclusion.


Related Implementation Plan


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