SE046: Air Traffic Control Runway Incursion Training


This safety enhancement updates Air Traffic controller training programs and course curricula designed to improve the level of knowledge, skill and proficiency that supports and enhances system efficiency, thereby increasing safety by fostering a higher level of situational awareness.


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  • Output 1: Survey nationally available resources and requirements for use of memory aids, techniques, and tools.

Actions: A national survey was sent out to both Air Traffic Managers and operationally-current airport traffic control tower (ATCT) personnel; comments were received from these surveys regarding memory aids, techniques and tools. From this collected information, a “Memory Aid Toolbox” was developed as a way to share these ideas with other controllers.

  • Output 2: Develop training regarding the limitations of memory; develop ways to supplement memory capabilities.

Actions: A computer-based instruction (CBI) course, “ATC Memory Guide”, was distributed to all the ATCT facilities and was made a mandatory training item for all ATCT controllers, and an optional course for TRACONs, en route, and flight service facilities. Although the examples used in the CBI are from the “Tower” point of view, all controllers can benefit from the information and concepts presented.

  • Output 3: Examine current course curriculums for tower controllers to ensure emphasis on scanning techniques, anticipated separation, and prioritization of control actions.

Actions: Computer based instruction (CBI) courses were examined and revised then made mandatory training for all ATCT controllers. Those courses were:
      - Wake Turbulence
      - Preventing Runway Incursions
      - Situational Awareness (Tower)
      - Reducing Runway Incursions Tower Communications
      - Runway Separation Minima


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