SE060: Pilot Training for Runway Incursion Prevention

SE060: Pilot Training for Runway Incursion Prevention



This safety enhancement substantially reduces or eliminates the risk of Runway Incursions (RI) by the incorporation of RI training into flight crew qualification, approved training, and other pilot training programs. This training will increase the pilot’s ability to recognize and avoid situations leading to runway incursions.


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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Office of Runway Safety established and published a reference library of runway safety materials to be shared with industry. The number of runway surface movement tasks was increased on all required Pilot Certification Practical Test, first by Policy Memo and Flight Standards Information Bulletin (FSIB) and then by revision to all required Written Test and the Practical Test Standards. The FSIB has since been cancelled and the guidance incorporated into other material, but is included here for the information it contains. Advisory Circulars (AC’s) 91-73B, Part 91 Pilot and Flight Crew Procedures during Taxi Operations and Part 135 Single-Pilot Operations, and AC 120-74B, Flightcrew Prcedures During Taxi Operations, were published issuing guidance for airport surface operations and use of Standard Operations Procedures (SOP’s).

AC 120-35C: Line Operational Situations: Line Oriented Flight Training, Special Purpose Operational Training, Line Operational Evaluation was revised to include taxi operations in air carrier LOFT training scenarios.

AC 120-51E: Crew Resource Management Training was revised providing guidance for clear delineation of captain command oversight training and first officer monitoring responsibilities during airport surface movements.

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