SE116: Precision-Like Approach (R-D)

SE116: Precision-Like Approach (R-D)



The purpose of this project is to conduct research to develop human factors guidelines for the design of instrument procedures. This includes:

1. Determining the minimum number of Approach charts to runway ends.

2. Developing guidelines for non-Instrument Landing System (ILS)-like Approaches.

3. Developing guidelines for Approach using synthetic vision.

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Completed Outputs

1. and 2., above (Background), have been accomplished by the completion of SE023: Approach and Landing (ALAR) Flight Crew Training for stabilized approaches and by criteria developed by the Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ARAC) Human Factors Harmonization Working Group (HFHWG). The research described in 3., above, is no longer needed as synthetic vision has been developed and certified on several airplane models. Procedures to allow the use of synthetic vision for Approach are under consideration.

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