SE118: Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) (R-D)

SE118: Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) (R-D)



The purpose of this project is to conduct research and develop technology for:

  • Detection, prediction and/or annunciation of impending equipment failures.
  • Detection and annunciation of inappropriate settings that may affect safe flight.
  • Real-time decision making support for maintenance and operations.
  • Smart-alerting systems that provide real time assistance to flight crews for on-board system failures, including diagnostics, prioritization schemes and elimination of nuisance alerts.

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Completed Outputs

The latest airplane type designs have incorporated the intent of this research. The Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS) satisfies the first, second and fourth bullets outlined above (Background), while the third bullet is satisfied by EICAS when combined with on-board maintenance terminals and near real-time monitoring and reporting of maintenance-related messages and issues.

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