SE129: Cargo - Compliance, Enforcement and Restricted Operations

SE129: Cargo - Compliance, Enforcement and Restricted Operations



This safety enhancement reduces cargo-related accidents and incidents by enhancing the regulatory legal processes for compliance and enforcement. This will allow for more timely imposition of restrictions on operations when necessary to ensure continued operational safety. It also will promote disclosure of safety concerns by enhancing legal protections for employees of airline/operators and contractors.


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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Order 2150.3B, FAA Compliance and Enforcement Program now contains timeliness goals for completion of an investigation, preparation of the enforcement investigative report, and the processing of legal enforcement actions, to provide for more timely completion of the enforcement process. The FAA is without authority to grant immunity from criminal prosecution; however, FAA Order 2150.3B now contains policies and procedures for the grant of immunity from FAA enforcement actions to persons who provide information about violations to the regulations.


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