SE140: Icing Aerodynamics and Performance Effects (R-D)


This safety enhancement outlines research and development (R&D) topics intended to provide better understanding of the effect of ice accretion on aircraft and aircraft system performance and to develop measurement and control systems to further protect aircraft from these effects.

The specific research tasks are:

  1. Develop systems that monitor aerodynamic degradation, alert the flight crew to potentially hazardous degradation of airplane performance and handling qualities, and adjust flight envelope protection limits;
  2. Determine the effects of all forms of ice accretion with particular emphasis on the roll effects due to inter-cycle and residual ice formations to define allowable ice contamination thresholds and aircraft performance margins; and
  3. Understand the accretion process and develop appropriate engineering tools and analysis techniques specific to super-cooled large droplet (SLD) conditions.

This enhancement will initially focus on turboprop aircraft equipped with non-evaporative ice protection systems and unpowered flight controls.

This safety enhancement is not currently on the CAST Plan, but might be included in the future. In that event, the attached Implementation Plan would be revised prior to inclusion.


Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan


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