SE165: TCAS Policies and Procedures


This safety enhancement helps prevent midair collisions by:

  • Requiring flightcrews to follow Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Resolution Advisories (RA’s) even in the presence of contravening ATC instructions;
  • Establishing procedures for TCAS range setting; and
  • Requiring that TCAS-capable simulators and flight-training devices be used for training TCAS responses and maneuvers.


Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan


Related Outputs

Output 1 of the Detailed Implementation Plan requested that regulators re-enforce or strengthen guidance for flight crew compliance with TCAS RA’s, even in the presence of contravening ATC instructions. This guidance was issued as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Information for Operators #08039 Responding to a TCAS resolution advisory (RA) – Fly the RA, issued on 6/20/08.


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