SE176: Runway Safety Action Team Evaluations

SE176: Runway Safety Action Team Evaluations



This safety enhancement will reduce wrong runway departures by having each Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT)) include the findings from the Wrong Runway Safety Action Team Report and the Part 139 Airport Threat Assessment in the identification of contributing factors and threats that exist in airport environments that have led to wrong runway departures.

The Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) is established at either the regional or local level to develop a Runway Safety Action Plan for a specific airport. The Runway Safety Action Team’s primary purpose is to address existing runway safety problems and issues. A secondary purpose is to identify and address potential runway safety issues.


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On August 27, 2006, Comair flight 5191 crashed during takeoff from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky. The flight had been cleared for takeoff on runway 221; however, the flightcrew inadvertently taxied onto runway 262 and ran off the end of the runway during the takeoff roll. The airplane was destroyed and of the 47 passengers and 3 flightcrew members aboard the airplane, 49 were killed and 1 received serious injuries. Following the Comair accident, the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) initiated a study to determine the extent of the wrong runway departure issue, to identify contributing factors to the wrong runway events, and to propose mitigations.

The Wrong Runway Safety Action Team Report focuses on the analysis of wrong runway departure events for commercial operators that have occurred in the United States and proposes mitigations to reduce the risk of airplanes departing on the wrong runway. The preliminary review of wrong runway events related to operators operating under the following regulations also are summarized in this report and a more detailed study is currently underway.

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