SE178: Enhanced Surface Marking and Lighting

SE178: Enhanced Surface Marking and Lighting



This safety enhancement will reduce wrong runway departures by having each Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) review existing sign and marking plans at all high threat airports, as identified in the Wrong Runway Safety Action Team Report, to:

  • Identify potential hazards;
  • Develop mitigation plans; and
  • Incorporate necessary changes.


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For the short term, 20 of the busiest airports in the United States were scheduled for Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) visits based on a combination of a history of runway incursions, incidents of aircraft turning onto the wrong runway and the risk of wrong-runway incidents. These teams identified more than 100 short-term fixes that including new or improved signage, improved markings, driver training and other actions. A second tier of 22 airports has been identified for evaluation. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular AC 150/5340-1L Standards for Airport Marking incorporates the results of the study. Note the AC linked here does not include the appendices. To view the full AC, visit the FAA's Airports website.

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