SE179: Wrong Runway Departures - Scenario-Based Training for Pilots

SE179: Wrong Runway Departures - Scenario-Based Training for Pilots



This safety enhancement will substantially reduce or eliminate the risk of wrong runway operations through the incorporation of wrong runway operations training into flight crew qualification, approved training, and other pilot training programs. This training will increase the pilot’s ability to recognize and avoid situations leading to wrong runway departures.


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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Information for Operators InFO 08049 Preventing Wrong Runway Takeoffs to all air carriers to prevent wrong runway takeoffs by identifying known contributing factors and promoting pertinent operating procedures and training for pilots and flight engineers. The FAA also issued Notice 8900.92 Increased Surveillance and Testing of Surface Movement Operations, which calls for increased FAA surveillance of surface movement operations to ensure the incorporation of the wrong runway departure information into air carriers’ training and operations.

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