SE195: Airplane State Awareness - Flight Crew Training Verification and Validation


The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce the risk of loss-of-control accidents by having Air Carriers verify and validate the quality of training provided to aircrews, with emphasis on externally provided training.

Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) study of 18 loss-of-control accidents and incidents concluded that, in several of the events, the flight crew did not respond to situations in accordance with how they had been trained. In some of these events, a review of the accident report indicated proficiency issues with pilot even after checking and qualification, particularly when training had been provided by an external training organization. To improve flight crew proficiency in handling issues that can lead to loss of airplane state awareness, air carriers should verify and validate the quality and consistency of training, with emphasis on externally-provided training. This should include examining both the content and conduct of training. Training verification and validation should include improving surveillance of and communication with third-party training providers.

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