SE197: Airplane State Awareness - Policy and Training for Non-normal Situations


The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce the risk of loss-of-control accidents by having each Air Carrier clearly state a policy, reinforced in training, that emphasizes establishing controlled and stabilized flight as the primary consideration during non-normal situations. To improve flight crew proficiency during upsets or non-normal situations, air carriers should emphasize through training and standard operating procedures (SOPs) the importance of controlling and stabilizing the airplane before evaluating non-normal situations.

Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST) study of 18 loss-of-control accidents and incidents showed that in many situations the flight crew did not make controlling the airplane their primary objective during non-normal situations. In many of these events, the flight crew did not apply workload management or crew coordination skills and did not initiate or complete the appropriate non-normal checklist after the airplane entered an upset.

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